Please check our blog for upcoming events.  If you'd like to help organize an event around a topic of interest, please contact markus at ojaidigitaldojo dot net.

We've added some new workshop and meetup dates, as well as events, to the sidebar of this videoblog. Here are the highlights:
Be The Media Flyer
  1. Ionia Kershaw of will be holding Video Editing workshops. Ionia is a talented multimedia designer, filmmaker and local videoblogger (she designed the flyer).

  2. There are several more Meet The Vloggers presentations at Apple stores and colleges in Los Angeles and the SF Bay Area.

  3. We are planning more local meetups in Santa Barbara and Ventura. We are meeting this month in Santa Barbara at the main library, downtown. Local videoblogger Paul Sanchez of will join us for a community presentation and discussion. We hope to meet in Ventura again soon, at the Underground Coffee House.

  4. We have a new projector and will be screening recent podcasts and videoblogs in the Be The Media workshops followed by open discussion on related topics of interest. These are a great place to jump in to our workshops and find out what people are doing and what's going on in the other workshops. Join us for some videos, podcasts, demonstrations and conversation about personal media publishing. Sometimes we take field trips.

  5. We offer Videoblogging workshops on Saturdays. Produce your own video channels. We present the basics of video blogging. If you have them, bring your laptop and digital cameras (did you know that many still cameras can take some kind of video?). If not, call to let us know and we'll arrange to have a Windows or Macintosh computer available for your use. You can take this workshop on-line at Freevlog.

  6. We're now offering Audio Podcasting workshops. Make your own radio shows. We'll present the basics of audio podcasting. If you have them, bring your laptops and digital recorders, microphones and mixers. Or use ours.
Click the pic to see the flyer for the Santa Barbara event. Call 805.640.8547 for workshop more information, meetup details or workshop reservations. All workshops and presentations are free.

A note to parents and teachers: we welcome all ages to our workshops but wish to point out that personal media is often just that: personal; hence, the content we screen is often of an "adult" nature (mainly language). If this is of concern to you, please let us know and we will be happy to schedule workshops that are suited to specific audiances.

A note about "basics": generally, our workshops are aimed at helping people express themselves through the creation and publication of personal media. Thus, the topics in a given workshop will vary to suit the participants. Sometimes the workshops are more like clinics where you can get help. If you already are videoblogging or podcasting, please feel free to join us. We need your help and value your voice in our discussions. These workshops are a place for both beginners and experts alike.


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