Saturday Workshops In October

Based on discussions with people at the meetup, we will be offering free Saturday videoblogging workshops starting October 15th.

I'm thinking it might be fun to combine the Saturday events with a short walk/hike in the Ventura River Preserve, workshops and a pot-luck meal. We could go out and capture pictures, movies and even sounds and then come back to the Digital Dojo for a videoblogging or podcasting workshop and some good eats.

Nature hike - short walk/hike into the nature preserve - 11am-noon
Lunch - pot luck and/or brown bag it, plus videos, of course - noon-1pm
Workshop - two hours of hands on videoblogging - 1pm to 3pm
Open Access to computers, cameras and help - 3pm to 4pm

What do you think? Sound like fun?

Please RSVP at 805-640-7447. These events are free and we have a limited capacity in our workshop.

If you have your own camera and/or laptop, please bring it.


Blogger Danette said...

So does that mean that we won't be having a vlog workshop this Wednesday?

4:33 PM  
Blogger Markus Sandy said...

Actually, this means that we are planning to hold workshops wednesdays evenings and saturday afternoons.

4:23 AM  
Blogger Danette said...

So we DO have a workshop this Wednesday?

1:10 PM  
Blogger Markus Sandy said...

yes - tomorrow night at 7pm

1:41 PM  

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