Vlogger Re-Mix

Kity-Kity, who recently gave a great videoblogging presentation at Node101::San Antonio, has another videoblog re-mix posted. In this video, she sees vloggers everywhere she goes. What's that sign ahead? Is it Verdi?

Also, Juan Carlos Gonzales, a.k.a. Mr. Multiple2, has a vlog re-mix posted on his "This Side of the Cave" site that may become another classic along the lines of our good friend Josh Leo's classic "We Are The Media". It poses the big question of "why vlog", while sampling from the explosion of online videoblog content. Juan Carlos is also a member of Node101:San Antonio.

Way to re-mix it up! Here's a link to the "NOW REMIX!" video from mrmultiple2, just in case you are not already subscribed to his feed.


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