Node101::Guerrero Negro, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Just across the border is the Mexican state of Baja California Norte. South of that is another one of Mexico's 31 states: Baja California Sur. Just south of that border is the town of Guerrero Negro. There are hugh salt processing facilites there. And ecoturism with the whales January-March. There were lots of Internet Cafes, as they call them down there. There is often no coffee and no wireless. These guys were nice enough to let me hookup my laptop. The place was defintely a Node. Lots of folks stop by and use the half dozen computers. There is a great feeling about the place. Lots of laughter. It's simple and bare, but there is a warmth that comes from the people there. No one spoke english, but I was able to show them the Spanish version of freevlog and they got all excited. I left them with a small donation towards small shop. It's hard to imagine how they keep the place running at 16 pesos / hour (that's less than $1.50/hour), but they do. I asked the guy who was running the place what motivated him. Luckily someone who could translate had just walked in. The next morning, I met a guy from Canada there checking his email. It was a great place. And you can get the best food all up and down the street! I love Baja.
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