Super Happy Vlog House next weekend Saturday, Feb 7, 2009

Flickr slideshow of pictures from past Super Happy Vlog Houses.

What's a vlog house? It's a place where people geek out over audio & video, software, poetry, music, story-telling, television, web sites, new media and technology in general. We get together to share and learn, to have fun, to take a walk, get things done and break bread.

Our third Super Happy Vlog House is set for the weekend of February 7, 2009. Official time is from 2pm - 11pm Saturday, but folks are welcome to camp over Friday or Saturday. We have some extra rooms, beds, couches, floor space, RV parking and tent space. Rooms and camping space is limited, so please RSVP in the comments or send an email to markus dot sandy at gmail dot com.

UPDATE: out-doors campers please note that current weather forecasts are for rain Thursday, Friday and possibly into the weekend.

While the event is very free form, we do have a few activities planned. These include:

* Welcome: 2pm-2:15 - Welcome to old friends and new comers. Introductions. Orientation.

* Session: Planning for your next social media site. Saturday 2:15pm-4pm. This session is aimed at people who are starting a new Drupal project, whether it be your first or not. More than a demo of media-related modules, this is a facilitated group discussion around best practices, tools and services for building a new-media based web site or social network. Topics include: design considerations, platform features and choices, hosting services, out-sourcing, DIY, team-building, project planning, estimating resource requirements and costs. This session is intended for content creators and project managers, as well as developers. The emphasis is on project planning.

* Worldwide Videoblogging Video Conference. Saturday 3pm-5pm. Topics include: new media trends in 2009, sheer curation and public access television. Come say hello to vloggers around the world and join in on the often lively conversations with other creatives, geeks, amatures and pros.

* Media Walk in the Ventura Nature Preserve. Saturday, 4pm-6pm. Let's see if we can capture one of those famous Ojai Pink Moments. This is a easy to moderate walk. There is one small hill. The nature preserve is 1 block from the digital dojo. Bring your walking shoes and camera. Note: current weather prediction is for rain on Thurs/Fri and possibly into the weekend. So bring your all weather gear too :)

* Interview Challenge:Saturday, 4pm-6pm. Let's take the NMI Interview Challenge - see may be best option if it's raining to hard to go outside :) Improve your interviewing skills. Tell a story and post it to the web. Learn how to 'mic' someone with a remote Lavaliere. Use a shotgun mic. Shot the video,

* Video Sharing and Screenings - Saturday, 8pm-10pm, Share your favorite new vlogs and sites. Special premier of Andrew Davis' new Internet Archive mashup and music videos. Have you made or found something you'd like to share? Please bring your favorite urls, thumb drives or DVDs.

* Help clinic and open lab - Saturday, 2pm-11pm - Come and talk or work with others. Get and give help. Join a Q&A session. Bring your laptop, camera, recorders, etc and some friendly person will help you get where you want to go. Want to set up a blog, vlog or podcast? Need some help sweetening that audio? Want to become a better photographer? Need help with web compression? Need Drupal, WordPress or Blogger help? Youtube, Archive,org, blip,tv, Vimeo? Got something cool to show and tell? Come and hang out with us while we help each other out. Free wifi available. Play with our cameras and gadgets or show off yours. If you're new to all this, this is a great place to drop in and find out what's going on.

* Pot-luck Dinner - Saturday 6pm-8pm - Bring something if you can, but don't worry if you can't. BYOB.

* Self-Organizing Workshops and Discussions - We have several rooms and outdoor areas where people can organize around topics of interest. Whiteboards, large display monitors, LCD projector & screen, and PA equipment available for workshop use.

Please come and join us. Stay all day or just an hour. Stop by and say hi or stay the weekend. RSVP's are great for helping us plan, so leave a comment or sign up on the wiki. This is a free event. Dinner is potluck; bring something or toss a few coins in the kitty if you can. BYOB. Lots of water, coffee, tea and fresh squeezed orange juice available.

Date: Saturday, Feb 7, 2009
Time: 2pm-11pm
Location: 963 W El Roblar Drive, Meiners Oaks (Ojai), California, 93023
(directions and map here)
( and ical here)
(wiki here)

Dog friendly environment.
Pool, spa and showers available for general use.
Mature content and frank discussions are common and may not be suitable for all ages.
Alcohol and caffeinated beverages may be available to adults.

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Anonymous said...

have a blast!

4:07 PM  
Blogger Markus Sandy said...

was great meeting you last time mike. hope you can make it up again sometime

7:50 PM  
Blogger Tanja Barnes said...

Hey Markus! Wish I could make it this time. I'm sure it's gonna be amazing! Stay dry in the rain.

8:36 AM  
Blogger Markus Sandy said...

Still hoping to make it down to your valentines day scavanger hunt in LA.

@everyone: check out TanjaB's events on Facebook.

10:04 AM  

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