Sunday Video Editing Workshop A Great Success!

Ionia Kershaw led our first "Video Editing" workshop last Sunday and several people attended. We had a great mix of people, including two with documentary film experience and ambitions, photographers, web masters and novices alike.

Carla Morganstern, a documentary producer who drove up from Los Angeles after we met at a Meet The Vloggers presentation at the Apple Store in The Grove, said

"Great day in Ojai. I really appreciated attending the workshop yesterday. Ionia is a thoughtful and thorough teacher---I got a lot from the workshop and all the people attending."

Ionia is teaching more of these free workshops this month and next. You don't have to be a film producer to attend this class, however. Ionia shows how to use simple and freely available tools, tips and techniques that anyone can apply to their own videos. Simple edits and a little music can often turn your simple snaphots into someone's favorite music video, journal entry or news story.


Blogger fishlamp said...

It was a fun afternoon! You have a beautiful home, and thank you so much for letting us in!

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