Videoblogging From The Digital Dojo

We are trying out AudioBlog and Blip.TV for recording vlog posts directly from our webcams.

Meetup in Ventura This Week

People interested in "Being the Media" are invited to join us for a casual meetup at The Underground cafe in Ventura on Thursday, December 22 from 7-9pm.

If you are interested in blogging, video blogging, podcasting, photo blogging, mobloging, wiki's, tagging, Web 2.0, digital audio/video or new media, please stop by and say hello. Find out what others are doing with new (and free) tools on the Internet. Share what you are doing with others and make connections. Our last meeting was great fun and full of good information. Come and meet other passionate and creative people.

Talking Macs

Here's a short story (90 seconds) about teaching personal computing at UC Santa Barbara back in the "old" days (the 80's) and the early days of text-to-speech.  Click the pic to view the quicktime video.

Click here for a slideshow of interesting flickr photo's tagged UCSB