Get away to Ojai for a SHVH weekend

Wondering how to sneak off to Ojai for a fun time at the Super Happy Vlog House? Don't sneak! Bring your partner with you. What? They say they get enough tech during the work week? We can digg that, but have they considered all the other cool things there are to do in Ojai? Here's a short list of things to do:

The Ojai Arcade - Lots of shops and restaurants.
Ojai Spas - Perhaps a day of pampering is in order for your non-geek partner.
Hiking - There are some great trails in Ojai. One is right down the block and goes into the Ventura River Preserve. Horse back riding available.
This week's events:
Arts Center: Renaissance Do Wop
Visit Lake Casitas - boat rentals, water park
Visit the beach at Carpinteria - very scenic drive past the lake, just 20 min away
Golf at either Soule Park or the Ojai Valley Inn
Ojai Museum, art galleries and local artist studios.
Ojai Playhouse runs feature films and a Sunday indie films series. Movies. Films.

Your friends or family are welcome to meet up with you at the Ojai Digital Dojo and join us for meals. We have a few guest rooms available or check out one of our nice local Ojai hotels/motels, such as the Emerald Iguana.

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