Drupal meeting 20 October, Wednesday

Pia is organizing a meetup:

Hi Everyone,

Things have been hectic on my end, but I would like to have a meeting next Wednesday, 20 October, at 6:30pm at my house. Wednesday because I have been told that Tuesday conflicts with some other activities for some people.

This time, instead of talking about pros and cons and whys of Drupal, I would like to either deal with a real issue someone has, or create an actual View, with perhaps two displays, a page and a block for instance. My intent with the group is to have actual demonstrations, actual "how-tos" and problem solving meetings. So if you have something specific you would like to solve/demo/see done, please let me know.

There is a chance that my grand daughter to be might arrive before Wednesday, if so, I will let everyone know and I will have to reschedule because I will then be in San Diego :)

Have a great weekend everyone!


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