Vegas Vegan Option for Saturday DrupalQue

I've asked Brian Shae Sveniker to cater our workshop this Saturday. Of course, we want the usual options for a 'Que' or 'Cue' as some refer to BBQ's. That is, burgers and dogs. But I asked Brian to host because he's a creative chef and he's a vegan. I figured he'd come up with something interesting as an alternative to the usual faire. Many of our Drupal friends are vegetarians and vegans, so we thought we'd do something special for them.

Well, it looks like Brian's going to really knock our socks off!

He's planning to make something called a 'Vegas Vegan' which sounds like a great dish. He described it to me and I was immediately hungry for it :) Here's some pics from a wonderful article at quarrygirl. They graiously licences there content cc-by-nc-sa and so we can share some of it here. Enjoy until the real thing.

Please let us know if you want the Vegas Vegan option when you reserve your spot in the workshop. Also, each workshop participant may invite one guest to lunch (see the workshop posting).


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