Super Happy Vlog House

Our friend Jim Joseph is in town and asked about hosting a Super Happy Vlog House.  Jim is an author and restauranteur who has recently published a book on ball room dancing.

For those who recall, Jim organized our last SHVH and it was a blast.

So let's geek out together on video for a day. Learn and share tricks, tips and techniques about video and the web.  All are welcome, beginners and advanced.  Folks are welcome to drop in anytime Saturday, January 22nd. The fun formally starts at 10am, but the structure is open to whatever people want to do.

Here's a short list of topics I'd like to touch on.  We will have one session in the morning and two in the afternoon.

10am - What's new with video in web browsers. The <video> tag, video formats, compression and more.
11am - Open web video clinic. No question is too small or too big. Bring your laptop and camera or play with ours. Get help or help others.
12 noon - pot luck lunch and BBQ
1pm - How to add fun video-related features to your web pages using Javascript and jQuery.
2pm - DIY digital-publishing videos and books about ballroom dancing - Jim Joseph.
3pm - Internet Archive Cleanup Day - Jan 1, 2012 - a brief discussion about this project and how you can help make the video world a better place.

This is a free event.  We'll organize some sort of pot luck lunch around noon; please bring something or toss a few bucks into the kitty if you can.  This is an adult friendly event with wine, beer and frank discussions. Children are welcome if accompanied by an adult.

For additional information, please leave a comment, email or call 805-798-0436.

Overnighters are welcome. First come, first serve on rooms, beds, couches and the RV. Pleanty of room for camping if that is your style and weather permits.

Rain or shine.



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