Center for Sustainable Design

Center for Regenerative DesignAs part of a Node101 project, Dave Toole and Ryanne Hodson are helping the College of Marin's Center for Regenerative Design to make use of personal media tools.

Dave and Ryanne have already created a new vlog to get the word out about the Center's mission and they've posted several interesting interviews (video, audio) with Sim Van der Ryn, a renowned leader in sustainable architecture.

Ryanne, one of the founders of Node101, is moving from New York to California later this month to participate first hand in this innovative project. She and Dave will be setting up a node on the Marin College campus.

Dave is the CEO of Outhink and an active member in the personal media community. He is currently working together with JD Lasica on several Node101 and OurMedia related projects. Through Outhink, Dave has also provided genorous support for the Digital Dojo.


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