Apple Store Grove

Here is the video we made tonight during a presentation at the Grove Apple Store in Los Angeles, California.

Videoblogging Week 2006 - Post #6 - What Is A Node?

We're talking Node101 of course. A bunch of folks in a workshop decided to make a video with some of their own answers. Then we edited them together. Here's the result (it was our first time using FCP). If you're interested in creating video and putting it on a blog, come to one of our free workshops.

Here's the hi-res version. Click the pic for the lo-res one.

Thanks to Richard, Alicia, Roger for contributing. Thanks to Ionia for leading the workshop.

Videoblogging Week 2006 - Post #3 - Digital Dojo Sights and Sounds

Ok, this one's a bit late because I was having too much fun documenting some code. Please come and join us for a small sample of the sights and sounds that one encounters in this magical place. We are very fortunate to be able to work and live at the Ojai Digital Dojo. The Digital Dojo is a Node101 affiliate. Please come and visit us sometime for one of our free videoblogging events. Check out our website at Click the pic to view the video. Enjoy.

Friday Meetup and Saturday MeetTheVloggers

Two events this coming weekend...

First, there's a casual Be The Media meetup in Ventura at Zoey's The Underground on Friday from 8pm-10pm. Drop on by and meet other locals interested in blogging, podcasting and videblogging. If you're interested in indie media, the web, making connections or just having fun hanging out with creative types, please come and join us for some coffee and conversation. Need some help with something or have something new to show off (your latest creation, perhaps), then please come on over and say "hi".

Second, several of us are going down to LA on Saturday to a Meet The Vloggers presentation at the Apple Store at the Grove. Zadi Dias is leading the presentation. Videobloggers Jay Dedman and Ryanne Hodson are in Ojai that weekend and will join us. There will be a pizza meetup afterwards in the Farmer's Market from 8pm-9pm. Call 805-640-8547 if you want to car pool with us.