Workshop Mash-up

I made a video from some pictures and videos that we shot at the first workshop. I used iMovie on my Mac PowerBook G4. The videos are not all the great as the lighting was poor and people were just learning to use the camera (half the time we did not even know it was on). I need to plan to shoot more video during the sessions, but everyone was so busy having fun and learning that we just forgot. Click the pic to view the vid. You can also find a copy on the Internet Archive.

New Vlogger in Ojai!

Danette has already made a video post! Way to go Danette!

Make That Tonight!

Please do RSVP. See post below.

Wednesday Evening Workshops Start Tomorrow

We're starting some introductory, hands-on workshops on videoblogging tomorrow night from 7pm-9pm. Please RSVP at 805.640.8547. If you have them, bring your laptfreevlog.orgop and camera. We will be following the tutorials at

Think you already know all that? Then come on down and lend a helping hand and share your expertise (and equipment!).

Here's a link to a vlog post that my friends Ryanne, Michael and Jay made around one of their workshops in New York. It should give a feel for what we are planning.

Webzine Workshop in San Francisco

webzine workshopHere's a quickie video I made as a demo for the Webzine 2005 workshop titled "You Are The Media: Video Blogging 101".

I could only attend Webzine for one day, but it was great fun seeing "old" friends like Eric, Schlomo, Renegade, Zadi, Carlton, Chris, Josh Wolf, Enric, Shawn and "new" friends Bre Pretis (you can see him way in the back in the picture above) , Charles Hope, Mike Huduck and Josh Kinberg.

I also got to talk with a lot of interesting people about all kinds of ideas including tagging, videoblog hosting, RSS, robotics and, of course, being the media.

Saturday Workshops In October

Based on discussions with people at the meetup, we will be offering free Saturday videoblogging workshops starting October 15th.

I'm thinking it might be fun to combine the Saturday events with a short walk/hike in the Ventura River Preserve, workshops and a pot-luck meal. We could go out and capture pictures, movies and even sounds and then come back to the Digital Dojo for a videoblogging or podcasting workshop and some good eats.

Nature hike - short walk/hike into the nature preserve - 11am-noon
Lunch - pot luck and/or brown bag it, plus videos, of course - noon-1pm
Workshop - two hours of hands on videoblogging - 1pm to 3pm
Open Access to computers, cameras and help - 3pm to 4pm

What do you think? Sound like fun?

Please RSVP at 805-640-7447. These events are free and we have a limited capacity in our workshop.

If you have your own camera and/or laptop, please bring it.

Local Meetup

Wow!  Did I have a great time last night meeting some wonderful people interested in personal media like podcasting, blogging and videoblogging?

You bet! That's exactly the kinds of things we are doing here at the Digital Dojo.

Alicia and I met up with Ionia, Adam, Lana, Paul, Patrick, Chad and Danette to share ideas and discuss issues related to personal media publishing on the web.

We intend to hold some workshops at the Digital Dojo, create a wiki for networking and organize more meetups.  What a great group.

Click the pick to view a vid of us all (actually Alicia had left already and I'm holding the camera, of course).

Meet The Vloggers LA

mtvlosangelesAaron made a great little video about out presentation at The Grove Apple Store. I cut it down a little for a quickie version that just shows the presentation and discussion afterwards for use in publicizing our work.

Click the picture to view the video.